Thanks to all

Thanks to our generous partners, sponsors and contributors, of course also to the intrepid organizers, to the numerous and working volunteers, to our patient families too; but, especially thank YOU.

Our aim was your enjoyment, discovering an amazing environment and offering you an unforgettable challenge. Even, if you ever felt a bit of risk or stress we hope you also experienced surprise and wonder as to keep this event in a little corner on your memory. All we did was to get it.

Apologies if we had faults and if we persevered in fair play, our aim was all competitors had the same conditions. Also if we did you to think so much about strategy with a lot of factors implied in it: difficulty to navigate to controls, karst ground, steep slopes, water points, extreme and changing weather, varied terrain and strategy possibilities… a perfect challenge for mind. Your tired faces showed it in the finish line, but then you smiled and congratulated us. THANK YOU!!  This is your best gift for us.

Ahh!! And also seeing you in GPS tracking, and discuss about your tracks and possible strategies while we were in our spare time, without hot or fog, without stones or ferns, with drinks, but also without sleeping…thanks again.

If you want to read something about our discussions, Vetter has prepared Analysis of Top Ten strategies.

We said goodbye remembering you that in 2017 we will rest about organizing rogaining events. We will return in 2018, in this or in other amazing place of our varied landscape.

One last question: if you want purchase a copy of the map it will cost you 4€ in Tyvek paper (as competition map) and 2€ in normal paper (as planning route copy). Delivery charges (plicate map in an A4 format) are 2€ for Spain; for Europe and other countries, please contact us. For locals, we can give you the maps in some competition that we take part if you buy 5 or more copies. Contact:

One gratitude message down to Half providers and volunteers is our goodbye:

For a work of more than 48 hours that has hardly been seen! Rarely will grateful both a broth and a smile! Many thanks to Felix Ugarte Association for the help!

Ia inor konturatu ez den 48 orduko lanarengatik. Horrelako salda eta irrifarrea gutxitan izango ziren horren eskertuak!  Mila esker Felix Ugarte Elkarteari laguntzarengatik!

¡Por un trabajo de más de 48 horas que apenas se ha visto! Pocas veces se habrá agradecido tanto un caldo y una sonrisa! Muchas Gracias a la Asociación Felix Ugarte por la ayuda!

XIIIth ERC 2016 Aralar – Photos

In order to make easy the found… we’ve classified all the photos in some different albums.

Previous days

ERC Strategy

ERC Last moments before the start

(6h) Strategy

ERC and 6h – During competition

(6h) Reaching goal

(6h) Prize-giving ceremony and meal

ERC reaching goal

ERC Prize-giving ceremony and meal

Controls descriptions

Here you have controls descriptions sheets for 24 and 6 hours:

They will be printed in map and, if you want, you also would pick them in registration process, printed in normal paper.

Amount of controls by score:

24h 6h
Score Amount of controls Score Amount of controls
30 5 30 4
40 14 40 8
50 16 50 5
60 13 60 2
70 13 70 5
80 9 80 2
90 8 90 3
100 6
110 6 110 2
120 3
Totals Totals
6260 points 93 controls 1810 points 31 controls

You can see map legend too (also printed in map):

Model Event Controls in terrain

CAM00873Since now you have the controls of Model Event maps (MEM) in terrain.

Actualized maps and controls descriptions in “Training” submenu for free download. If you want, also you can buy maps in Amezketa and Lekunberri. More info in “Training”.

Controls are materialized, see photo, with an orienteering flag, a signaling tape and a control card. Only this control card has the control number.

Only remark three questions:

Grass is high in some MEM’s areas and hides rocky ground. Take care about it.

Do all controls in MEM Baraibar could take you one hour or one and a half, no more; but MEM Amezketa is more physical: from Amezketa village to lower part to MEM takes a half to one hour, and do controls one hour and a half, or two, no more.

Density of controls in MEM is higher than ERC map. In MEM areas could be only two or three controls if they will be ERC map.

List of participants at 2016/08/01

We publish the data of the participants on the 24hours and 6 hours events.

Please, review your registration data and if there is any error, send us an email to:
If you have some doubt about the number of punches of your SI card, you must know that it will be around 80 controls in terrain or more, in 24h event, and no more than 30 in 6h event. We will rent Sportident card.

GPS tacking device

According to the security protocol defined with the Government of Navarra, each Team of the European Rogaining Championship 2016 (24 hours) must wear a GPS tacking device.
The Organisation will give without additional cost a GPS device to each Team.
In addition to security, know on each moment where a Team is, Track The Race, is an online plataform that lets you:
  • Live Virtual LeaderBoard
  • Track over the map all the teams.
  • Filter your favorite team list, by category, name, favorites…
  • Share your track on social networks, so your family and friends can follow you during the event…
  • Check visited controls.
  • Review the tracks after the event, check and compare strategies…

Training Maps (Updated 29 of april)

Finally, we present you the second part (open areas) of our training maps.

As you know, you get the general location of these in ERC2016 google map.

To the first training options, published in March, we add these:

Until only few days ago snow was present in the ground. Now it only remains in deep depressions and sinkholes. Spring is coming and leaves are appearing in the forest. We are finishing mapping and until June we will design and collect different cartographers’ field works and we will complete ERC map.

Pay attention to News. Bulletin 3 and other news coming soon.


Training maps

We want to present you the first part (forested areas) of our training maps.

You get the general location of these in ERC2016 google map.

We offer you:

All training maps are from free download and also we will print them in waterproof material to be available in tourist offices near the maps locations. When they are available we will announce it, but it will not be sooner than May.

Until summer we will not put controls in terrain.

Now is not the best moment to visit these areas due the snow (this year winter has come very later). When snow disappears would be time to recognize limestone areas or relief but until May, when leaves spring in the forest, or better in June, when ferns are high, will not be the perfect time to recognize vegetation aspects.

Second part of training maps (open areas) will be published soon, during March. Anyway, these areas are covered, at least, by 50 cm of snow.

And you could ask: For what you publish these maps so soon?

We are doing promotional events with locals and we need them. Meanwhile you can think about them and the challenge is waiting for you.

This is all. Enjoy it.




Registration first end line delayed

We have delayed first end line from 15.2.2016 to 29.2.2106 due two main reasons:

  • We haven’t translated info to local languages (Spanish and Basque) and some people who haven’t consulted English info don’t realize the first end line is imminent.
  • We have detected some people with problems in payment by credit card. If you are one of these don’t hesitate to contact us.

For this reason, first date for cancellation policy is also delayed from 1.3.2016 to 15.3.2016.


Bulletin 2

We decide to delay bulletin 2 because we can’t include relevant information about Training-Touristic Plan (TTplan), the main news for this bulletin. Anyway you can read some preview info at submenu “TTplan” in order to plan your champs and holidays whit us. Also, in “Transport and Accommodation” submenu we have related some info and links for people who haven’t rental or own car and need to use public transport.

Bulletin 2 will be published at 29.2.2016 but when we have info about TTplan and Accommodation they will be for you in an specific news Bulletin 2 will have, at least, TTplan, Accommodation, and Terrain and Map information. Training maps will be published too.


Registration for all rogainers starts on 15.12.2015 00.00 Spanish time (GMT +1.00) The registration is at:
ERC 24h
Participation will be confirmed after the payment is cleared to the organizers. The maximum number of participants is 1000. If there are more applicants, the excess teams are placed on a waiting list in the order the registrations are made.

Snow awakens us!

Snow awakens us!

This weekend snow has appeared on the map. It is the first time in this autumn and has fallen around thirty cm on the tops and only few cm in the valley.

Soon, in the first days of December, we will launch “Bulletin 0” and inscriptions.

While, field works and preliminary tasks are progressing.




More photos in:


One year before the Champs, field work for mapping begins. We have one recent map, 25 square kilometers, an old map with other 25 that needs a review, and one new with 50 of terrain to discover. An accuracy digital terrain model obtained from LiDAR data and a 50cm pixel orthophoto offers us a really good base map to work. The cartographers team is composed by five people. The most important thing to begin is to have the same criteria to draw and we are getting it. Two images of our base map: ortho + 5m contours, and slope shade + 5m contours.

img1 img2

Part of the team are deliberating 😉


And the Embargo Area is established. All people who are seen in it will be automatically disqualified, from now until the date off the event.

See it in Google:

Embargoed Area image

Embargoed Area image