Controls descriptions

Here you have controls descriptions sheets for 24 and 6 hours:

They will be printed in map and, if you want, you also would pick them in registration process, printed in normal paper.

Amount of controls by score:

24h 6h
Score Amount of controls Score Amount of controls
30 5 30 4
40 14 40 8
50 16 50 5
60 13 60 2
70 13 70 5
80 9 80 2
90 8 90 3
100 6
110 6 110 2
120 3
Totals Totals
6260 points 93 controls 1810 points 31 controls

You can see map legend too (also printed in map):

Model Event Controls in terrain

CAM00873Since now you have the controls of Model Event maps (MEM) in terrain.

Actualized maps and controls descriptions in “Training” submenu for free download. If you want, also you can buy maps in Amezketa and Lekunberri. More info in “Training”.

Controls are materialized, see photo, with an orienteering flag, a signaling tape and a control card. Only this control card has the control number.

Only remark three questions:

Grass is high in some MEM’s areas and hides rocky ground. Take care about it.

Do all controls in MEM Baraibar could take you one hour or one and a half, no more; but MEM Amezketa is more physical: from Amezketa village to lower part to MEM takes a half to one hour, and do controls one hour and a half, or two, no more.

Density of controls in MEM is higher than ERC map. In MEM areas could be only two or three controls if they will be ERC map.

List of participants at 2016/08/01

We publish the data of the participants on the 24hours and 6 hours events.

Please, review your registration data and if there is any error, send us an email to:
If you have some doubt about the number of punches of your SI card, you must know that it will be around 80 controls in terrain or more, in 24h event, and no more than 30 in 6h event. We will rent Sportident card.