GPS tacking device

According to the security protocol defined with the Government of Navarra, each Team of the European Rogaining Championship 2016 (24 hours) must wear a GPS tacking device.
The Organisation will give without additional cost a GPS device to each Team.
In addition to security, know on each moment where a Team is, Track The Race, is an online plataform that lets you:
  • Live Virtual LeaderBoard
  • Track over the map all the teams.
  • Filter your favorite team list, by category, name, favorites…
  • Share your track on social networks, so your family and friends can follow you during the event…
  • Check visited controls.
  • Review the tracks after the event, check and compare strategies…

Training Maps (Updated 29 of april)

Finally, we present you the second part (open areas) of our training maps.

As you know, you get the general location of these in ERC2016 google map.

To the first training options, published in March, we add these:

Until only few days ago snow was present in the ground. Now it only remains in deep depressions and sinkholes. Spring is coming and leaves are appearing in the forest. We are finishing mapping and until June we will design and collect different cartographers’ field works and we will complete ERC map.

Pay attention to News. Bulletin 3 and other news coming soon.


Training maps

We want to present you the first part (forested areas) of our training maps.

You get the general location of these in ERC2016 google map.

We offer you:

All training maps are from free download and also we will print them in waterproof material to be available in tourist offices near the maps locations. When they are available we will announce it, but it will not be sooner than May.

Until summer we will not put controls in terrain.

Now is not the best moment to visit these areas due the snow (this year winter has come very later). When snow disappears would be time to recognize limestone areas or relief but until May, when leaves spring in the forest, or better in June, when ferns are high, will not be the perfect time to recognize vegetation aspects.

Second part of training maps (open areas) will be published soon, during March. Anyway, these areas are covered, at least, by 50 cm of snow.

And you could ask: For what you publish these maps so soon?

We are doing promotional events with locals and we need them. Meanwhile you can think about them and the challenge is waiting for you.

This is all. Enjoy it.